Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Three Trends to Know

All over the world people are changing the way the see life and respond to it.  Historically these changes have been pretty incremental and slow.  But as information comes pouring in and knowledge increases exponentially changes begin happening faster and faster.  George Barna, the Christian researcher recently pointed out three changes taking place in the lives of US Christians.  Here they are, see if the resonate with you.

1) People feel modern life is accelerating and becoming more complex.

Seems like a real no brainer.  Life is accelerating, but is it becoming more complex?  Maybe, maybe not.  Life is more complex as we "feel" overwhelmed with life.  What we do, how we do it and how we understand it can often play a role in how we feel about it.  Part of the problem is that we have too many choices competing with one another.  As a result it "feels" like there is greater complexity.

2) People want to be culturally informed, but they are becoming accustomed to skimming content.

This one fascinates me.  We are not reading less, we are reading differently.  Historically we plowed through books to gain enjoyment and knowledge.  We can now get something similar in bit and bites.  I know many people will find fault with my conclusion, but we are not becoming less literate but more dynamic in the use of our senses.  Where reading forces concentration and focus, skimming is done quickly to find little bits to focus on.  So you still focus, but focus on smaller chunks of information.  Different, not better and I do not think necessarily worse.

3) People are moving beyond mere facts and information, and are looking for holistic integration of faith and life.

It is a positive thing to want a holistic life.  It is a sad thing to think that people are unable to find it.  Jesus gave us the means for a full, holistic life.  If people cannot find it perhaps it is due to the church not living it.  As Christians we need to develop a life that Jesus says is our: John 10:10 (NLT) 
10 .....My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

ICM, through the efforts of Renita Reed is seeking to bring a more holistic faith life to business owners in and around Kitale, Kenya.  Renita has spend over a decade working with Christian business people.  Now she has moved her training inside the church and challeged pastors and business owners to see their businesses and the churches calling from a more holistic view point.  Her work is focusing on a few pilot programs of connecting church and market place ministry in a symbiotic relationship that is more holistic for both.  Take a moment are read her latest report:  Inspiration from the Field

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