Saturday, April 27, 2013


ICM's Seminary, Africa Theological Seminary is designed to give leaders an opportunity to study for the BA.  For many this would be a dream unattainable because of distance, inability to study full time, and priced beyond their reach.  But ATS bridges all of those issues.  ATS is full time ministry and part time study.  Leaders come to campus three times a year for just a month.  This means they can continue in their ministry.  Our campuses are located where the leaders are ministering and priced reasonably.  This is the season for graduations.  ICM Uganda just completed their ATS graduation and you can see some of the pictures:  

Rejoice with ICM Uganda as the celebrate another graduation!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Only Africans Can Develop Africa

According to at least one African, Tony Elumelu, Africa can only be developed by Africans. I wonder if the same could be said of the African church?  Without a doubt African Christianity would not exist if it were not for non Africans willing to pay the ultimate price to share the Gospel in very difficult environments.  But in a time when Africa is rising to meet its future maybe it is time for non Africans to ask the simple question, "how can I best help?"  Too often help is defined as recognizing a need and then seeking to meet that need.  This has been the troubling history of foreign aid throughout African.

Many leaders who have Africa on their hearts are beginning to realize that "obvious" solutions often produce worse unintended consequences.  Foreign aid is rife with aid gone astray.  But in the new era we have African leaders making the decision of where the aid should go and how best to solve the problems in Africa.   It is also time to trust African Church leaders to come up with solutions to reach the final unreached groups and develop the main methods for discipling their members.  Africa still needs help, but the help should come by invitation not by initiation.  It is time to offer what we have to meet the request of what African leaders what to accomplish.  It is time to offer what we have to be used how they, the leaders, believe best.  The initiation should come from African leaders not from the West.

Africa is producing leaders in every arena, economic, political, and religious.  These leaders are the movers who will help Africa rise.  Let us in the West submit our resources to their leadership and let us become partners who follow their lead.

Ashish Thakkar is one of the new economic breed who is not asking for leadership as they press on to reap what Africa has to offer while offering new solutions to Africa's challenges.  Let's offer ourselves as servants who want to come along side the Church in Africa, not lead it.  Africans are writing a new story, one where Africa is rising!