Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coming ICM Events

March  16 & 17 -    7 Laws of the Learner - Bakersfield, CA

March 24 -            Meet & Greet with the Executive Director -  Sheryl Giesbrecht in Atlanta, GA

April 19 & 20 -    CMTA Leadership Training - Sheryl Giesbrecht in Pasadena, CA

May 19,10,21-   Phil will be teaching Perspectives  - Modesto/Turlock area.

August  6 -             Dessert with the President - Phil Walker, Stephen Mairori and Renita Reed in Grand Rapids, MI

August 12-19 -  International Leaders Arrive in Bakersfield - If you have a home group or church that would like to invite one of our leaders please call the office (number below)

August 20 -          ICM Banquet - ICM (The African team will be here) Bakersfield, CA.  Mark you calendars now!

If we are in your neighborhood call the office and schedule a time to get together.  We want to meet you and your friends to give you the latest news about ICM.  Office number:  661-832-9740.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

7 Laws of the Learner Bakersfield

If you are in the Greater Bakersfield area you are invited to participate in the course "7 Laws of the Learner" how to teach almost anything to almost anyone.  It is a wonderful, practical, fun course on how to be more effective in teaching.  Whether you are teaching Sunday school, public school or your own children the course explores effective ways to impact those you teach with God's word.

When: March 15 6pm-9pm and March 16 8am-1:30pm.

What: 7 Laws of the Learner

Cost: $35 (includes workbook and lunch)

Where:  ICM offices - Call 661-832-9740 to register (space limited)