Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coming ICM Events

March  16 & 17 -    7 Laws of the Learner - Bakersfield, CA

March 24 -            Meet & Greet with the Executive Director -  Sheryl Giesbrecht in Atlanta, GA

April 19 & 20 -    CMTA Leadership Training - Sheryl Giesbrecht in Pasadena, CA

May 19,10,21-   Phil will be teaching Perspectives  - Modesto/Turlock area.

August  6 -             Dessert with the President - Phil Walker, Stephen Mairori and Renita Reed in Grand Rapids, MI

August 12-19 -  International Leaders Arrive in Bakersfield - If you have a home group or church that would like to invite one of our leaders please call the office (number below)

August 20 -          ICM Banquet - ICM (The African team will be here) Bakersfield, CA.  Mark you calendars now!

If we are in your neighborhood call the office and schedule a time to get together.  We want to meet you and your friends to give you the latest news about ICM.  Office number:  661-832-9740.

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