Monday, March 4, 2013

Kenya Elections

Africa is in the midst of the greatest change in its history.  The process of moving from tribal domination to democracy and unity is not an easy one.  But it is happening.  In the last elections political parties and their supporters resorted to violence.  In the end well over 1,000 Kenyans lost their lives and thousands others lost homes. It is sometimes difficult to understand how such things can happen when you come from a politically stable environment.  

But the ethnic alignment is only part of the story.  The human brain is designed to align itself with those "like us" or those who will help "us."  Democracy seeks to remove as much of this tribalism as possible, but it remains even in what seems to be heterogeneous nations like the USA.  We see it in ethnic alignments and we see it in party alignments.  Democrats and Republicans attack one another accusing the other of outright stupidity.  Depending on where you live and who you hang with most of the time (including watch on TV), you will align to one or the other often buying into the fact that the other side must be 1) stupid (not likely), 2) Deceived and Naive or 3) Evil.  Most people accuse the "others" of one or both of the last two.

So, we have our own "tribal" issues to face.  We have no place to look down upon our friends and people of Kenya.  They have been less sophisticated in expressing their opinions.  We are able to cause injury and manipulate people using the modern means of the media.  Do not worry Kenya and Africa will catch up!  But for now we can and must pray for peaceful elections.

Join us in praying and fasting for Kenya today as the seek to elect new leaders at nearly every level.

For more see Renita Reed's blog.  Renita is in Kitale piloting a new project for us to introduce business as mission (BAM) to our alumni and their churches.

Thank you for being part of one of the greatest missionary moves in the history of the Church.


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  1. Well said, Phil! What a privilege to pray with you and the rest of the ICM office staff and Bakersfield community prayer warriors!