Friday, September 21, 2012

Islam and Christianity

It is easy to gather that Western Christianity is under attack.  Everywhere we turn it looks like protests are breaking out against the West and Christianity.  It really bothers me.  I think about how much our country has tried to help, during and right after, the Arab spring and get frustrated with the whole mess.  It is easy to get upset and be frustrated when the pain and the angst is thousands of miles away.  But what if they were your neighbors?  What if they were spreading leaflets saying that they were going to kill you and destroy your property?  What if you could not just leave?

Everyday as you watch the riots and demonstrations keep in mind that near where those people are destroying the US flag is a family of Christians with no options but to hunker down and pray that the rioters will not kill them and destroy their house.  Christians throughout the region are now being targeted by those same groups who are protesting the freedom we have in our country.  Pray for those Christians who have for centuries lived their faith and lives under the crescent moon, knowing that their status as second class citizens means they could be targeted and killed with immunity.

While you can just turn the TV off, they have no where to go, but to Jesus.

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