Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We live in a world filled with communications.  Much of those communications are fairly useless interaction that sucks up valuable time from other activities.  But in Africa modern communications have helped improve life dramatically.  In Africa smart phones are real tools that enables leaders to send SMS notifications to hundreds of people about upcoming events, stay connected with leaders in the church and community and even pay and transfer funds.

This note just came in from James Kariuki Kamau, ICM TZ director

"Some people in States replace their phones periodically. I phone 5 is out. Just wondering the possibility of getting a good I Phone 3 or 4 for reasonable cost. They will work here and have hotspot capability.

If you have an I Phone that you would like to donate just send it to the office and we will make sure James and other leaders get it:  4201 Ardmore Ave. Suite 8, Bakersfield CA 93309"

Please consider what you will do with your very good "old" I phone after you get your new and improved I Phone 5!


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