Thursday, July 12, 2012

Orality Conference

Missions is becoming more effective among the non-literate populations of the world. This is largely due to a breakthrough in how we disciple new believers and train leaders for churches that are mainly located in populations that cannot read.  The movement is known as Orality, but it goes far beyond a discussion of literacy and non literacy.  At a recent meeting at Wheaton College  theological educators joined with leaders of the Orality movement to discuss how then move can be better represented in Theological Education.  Part of the answer that was reached is an understanding that Orality has surfaced a more effective way to disciple leaders through understanding how primary learning takes place.  Currently I am working on a paper to describe a new theory, Primary Learning, as a means to be more effective in discipling believers regardless of their literacy.

Darryl Bowe, one of the ICM/ATS participants wrote up a report.  It is only two pages but it gives a more thorough idea of the conference and our participate:  Read the Report


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