Friday, May 25, 2012

No Charity Please

Maybe you have heard about the rioting in the streets, bad government, poor leadership, economic chaos, high unemployment, and ethnic fighting….of course that is Europe!

Africa has its problems, but unlike Europe that seems to be slipping and sliding into chaos, Africa is on the Rise.  While still the world’s poorest continent there are serious signs that point to a new era.  Recent discoveries of oil and gas in East Africa add to the continent’s already vast resources. Africa is home to the fastest growing economies in the world.  Some countries have been experiencing double digit growth.  Africa is moving from being the world’s beggar continent to becoming the world’s new miracle continent. 

While the West has poured in billions of dollars to alleviate suffering, China and India have invested billions of dollar to build infrastructure.  The result of investment is long term sustainability. The result of charity is long term dependency.  Even those from the West are moving away from traditional models of aid and charity to models of investment and capacity building.  

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